The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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Change Team: 
Welcome to the Cyclones
by posted 08/25/2022

Hey Team,

Welcome to fall baseball and the Cyclones team! Our first practice is scheduled for next Tuesday, August 30th at 6pm. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Countryside Field for that event. Our team color is maroon and we’ll pass out jerseys and hats at the beginning of practice. Please arrive with your kids dressed to play ball, including baseball pants, cleats, baseball glove and any additional bats, helmets and baseball equipment they’d like to use.  


The complete schedule is online and we’ll do our best to send reminders out in advance. We’ve also started a signup sheet in case anyone is interested in sharing snacks or treats for the kids after games and practices. 

As coaches, we will be committed to:

  • Teach the kids about baseball and help them become more excited about the game
  • Encourage teamwork and a positive inclusive sports environment
  • Coach players to continuously improve their baseball interest, knowledge and skills

As we parents, we hope you will be committed to:

  • Arrive to each practice and game on time
  • Encourage your child to participate and have fun
  • Cheer for every player on the team and display sportsmanship  

As players, we hope the children will be committed to:

  • Arrive ready to play baseball
  • Advance their baseball interest and skills
  • Have fun, make friends, and enjoy being part of the team 

Finally, we’ve included the rules the league provided for 1st grade baseball below. We plan to follow these guidelines to the best of our ability - and share so all of you will be familiar and supportive of this format as well. 


1st Grade hit off the tee/Coach pitch

  • After the first couple of games coaches may pitch 5 (hittable) pitches to the batter, but only if the batter is capable of hitting the coaches pitch and it doesn’t slow down the game. If the kid doesn’t get a hit, more to a tee or rotate players. 
  • If the coach pitches, we recommend pitching from a knee or sitting on a bucket so that the pitch is more at the player’s eye level
  • No strikeouts


Continuous batting order

  • Each player should get roughly average the same number of at-bats per game for the season
  • Goal is to have each player bat 2 or more times in a game


  • No lead offs 
  • No Steals 
  • Overthrows – no extra base


  • Require 2 innings in the infield and 2 innings in the outfield
  • Rotate positions each inning


  • Max 4 runs an inning 


Before the game starts, coaches have the flexibility to make changes as they seem appropriate.


Again, we are excited for this fall season of baseball and look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday. 


Your Coaching Team (Rob, Matt and Taylor)  


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