The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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Edina Baseball Association Handbook
Updated May 2018


This document is information the Edina Baseball Association (referred to as “EBA” or “Association”) Board believes is important to the parents of the children playing baseball in Edina.  More information about EBA can be found at .  Questions can be directed to the Association via email from this site.

The Edina Baseball Association is a non-profit organization operated solely by volunteers.  The EBA Board needs your creative energy, ideas, and input to maintain the program.  Your work will directly improve your child's experience.  If you see a problem, please get involved and change it for the better.  You can make a difference and improve the program for your child and all the children in the program.  It is your program! 
As the Association continues to grow and expand the number of opportunities available for children to play baseball in Edina, we need always need additional volunteers. 

1. All players must provide the Association with proof of age if requested.
2. Any player who falsifies their birth date, will be suspended for the entire year.   If discovered at the end of the season, the player will be suspended for the next year. No refunds will be given.
3. Any conduct unbecoming the game of baseball will not be allowed and  teams, coaches, players and spectators may be disciplined because of it. Specifically, EBA has two policies that can lead to board action:
Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Any incidents or actions that the coach or EBA judges to be unacceptable under the EBA  Player, Coach and Parent Codes or other EBA guidelines, could result in dismissal or suspension from the team.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN.
ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Any player who consumes or possesses any drugs, alcohol or tobacco will be subject to the provisions of MSHSL rules.  Incidents should be given directly to the Age Group Vice-President or the EBA President which will bring the issue to the EBA Executive Committee for resolution.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN to suspended players.

Players who wish to play for an Edina Baseball team must register with the Association.  No player will be allowed to participate in tryouts or practices until registration is complete.  Registrations must be submitted directly to the EBA.  Registration is considered complete when the EBA has received all registration materials and all applicable registration fees are paid.  Player data must be true and accurate, especially with respect to eligibility information (birth date, residence, school).  Players who register using false information may be removed from the program at the discretion of the EBA. 

  1. Each season’s registration fee will be established annually by the EBA Board. These fees are based on such items as: uniform cost, league fees, ump costs, training fees, field rental, insurance, equipment costs, etc.  All fees must be paid before a player will be allowed to participate in any tryouts, practices or games.
  2. Refund policy is as follows:  If notified in writing prior ro teams being named, you will receive a refund (minus admin fees). Any player dropping after teams are named will forfeit 50% of fees for the program  (see exceptions below).  Once the season has begun for any given program, any player dropping will forfeit all fees (see exceptions below).
  3. Exceptions: Player moves outside of our geographic area OR Pre-season injury with a Doctor’s written recommendation. 
  4. Refund(s) must be requested in writing (email) and administrative fees will be deducted. 
  5. Players unable to afford registration fees may apply for financial assistance.  The Treasurer will review all submitted requests to determine a reduced fee.  We can only grant a partial scholarship to ensure we can address all players who request assistance. Scholarships are not available for extra fees such as camps and clinics. 
  6. There will be a $20.00 NSF check charge. This fee will be waived if moneys are remitted within 15 days of notification.
  7. Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Any incidents or actions that the coach or EBA judges to be unacceptable under the EBA  Player, Coach and Parent Codes or other EBA guidelines, could result in dismissal or suspension from the team.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN.
  8.  ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Any player who consumes or possesses any drugs, alcohol or tobacco will be subject to the provisions of MSHSL rules.  Complaints should be filed directly to the Age Group Vice-President who will bring the complaint to the EBA Executive Committee for resolution.  REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN to suspended players.

Selection Process for Travel Teams
Every player must go through the tryout process every year. Qualifying for a specific team one year, does not mean that player will automatically be placed with the same team or coach in later years. The evaluators need to assess every player to properly place the players at a particular age and ability level.

Not every player who goes through the tryout process will qualify for a Travel team. Sometimes the numbers do not work out, and the Board may need to limit the number of teams at an age level. In some cases, the Board may try to recruit extra players at a particular age group to fill out a team. No registered player is guaranteed a spot on a team and teams are not finalized until age group tryouts are completed.

What are coaches looking for? The coaches and evaluators are looking for players with good baseball skills, some tactical understanding of the game, awareness of the game, good attention and listening skills, and overall athletic ability.

The tryout process will consist of a series of drills, exercises, and game situations in which skills and attitude can be graded. In addition, the player’s and parents' commitment, attendance, and attitude displayed in past seasons will be taken into account. The coach’s evaluation completes the needed information about the player's attendance, commitment and attitude.  Players must try out for their appropriate age/grade team.
How is Competitive Baseball Different from Recreational?
  • Interest and Ability: Players should have a high interest in playing baseball and improving their baseball skills. Players are self-motivated to play their best and continually improve.
  • Commitment: Competitive baseball means added commitment on the part of the player and his/her family. It is the commitment of time and effort that most clearly differentiates traveling baseball from house league. Players and families with major conflicts need to be aware of the commitment level required and make the appropriate decision. It hurts the whole team to have players with other priorities. 
  • Cost: Competitive baseball costs are considerably higher. The higher cost includes fees for tournaments,. You will pay a fee to register for traveling baseball. 
Playing Time
Equal playing time is the intention for all younger age groups (15 years and below).  The allocation of playing time and positions will be decided by the coaches.  Coaches are also responsible to develop all the players to the extent possible.

Coaches can reduce playing times for reasons such as missing or disrupting practices, being late to practice, not notifying coaches in advance regarding absences from practices or games, being absent for more than one week from practices and games, lack of effort or attention, arguing, being disrespectful, being disruptive or not following coach directions. At all ages and division levels, coaches can decide to field the most competitive team at state tournaments.

On competitive teams for ages 14-15 (8th - 9th grade), coaches shall endeavor to give each player playing time in accordance with developing each player’s fullest potential and with the following playing time guidelines in mind.  EBA asks that the Coach use his/her best efforts to achieve balanced playing time over the course of the season, with a per game minimum of one-half of the innings for games when the player is present and able to play (2 innings defensively).  A player’s playing time may be affected by any of the reasons noted above.  Players who pitch in a game may not always hit or get additional innings defensively.

NOTE TO PARENTS: All parents must recognize that strict adherence to these playing time guidelines during a game or over the course of a season cannot be guaranteed due to player substitution rules, player injuries, pitching, shortened games, pitching requirements, 10 run rules, designated hitting and other factors that the team and coaches encounter. 

VII.  Player/Parent Code of Conduct
As a player/parent participating in Edina Baseball Association baseball activities, I understand and accept the following responsibilities:  
• Players/parents will show respect for umpires, opposing coaches, the opposing team, their teammates and coaches, the facility and the equipment at all times. The Edina Baseball Association, through its coaches, will not tolerate verbal abuse, profanity, throwing equipment, or any other forms of disrespect by players. The coach shall determine all consequences for such behavior if it occurs.
• Players/parents will not argue a call with an umpire. Players should direct concerns about a call to his coach, who will determine whether to raise it with the umpire.
• Players are responsible for being on time to all practices and games. The coach may impose sanctions to ensure compliance. A player must give his coach reasonable advance notice if he will be unable to attend any practice or game.
• The possession, use, distribution, and/or sale of tobacco, alcohol, or any controlled substances is prohibited by players or other minors at all times, including EBA events, such as games, practices, parties and fund raisers. Consequences for violating this policy conform to the Minnesota State High School League policy on Chemical Eligibility.

•  Play the game for the game's sake
•  Give my best effort at all times.  Strive to improve my abilities.
•  Be generous when I win. Be gracious when I lose. 
•  Learn and obey the rules of the game.
•  Work for the good of the team. Encourage and support my teammates.
•  Accept the decision of the officials with good grace.
•  Conduct myself with honor and dignity.
Any player whose character or conduct violates the Player/Parent Code may be deemed ineligible to participate in Edina Baseball Association activities (including league games and tournaments) for a period of time as determined by the Edina Baseball Association Board.

Should any portion of the code of conduct be violated by a coach, parent, family member or other person present at an EBA event, disciplinary action will be taken by the EBA Board of Directors which can range from a warning to suspension from attending any EBA sanctioned games or functions for such a time as determined by the board.  This action will be at the sole discretion of the board.

VIII. Coaches Responsibilities
A coach is responsible for the operation and conduct of his/her team. He/she is the teacher of skills and a developer of players, socially, morally, psychologically and physically. The coach is responsible to the EBA Board of Directors.
  1. Communicate regularly with parents and players.  
  2. Provide a safe playing situation for players at all times. 
  3. Place the emotional and physical well being of the players ahead of any personal desire to win. Treat each player as an individual, remembering the large spread of emotional and physical development for the same age group. Treat all players with respect.  
  4. Be as fair as possible in giving playing time to players. 
  5. Lead, by example, in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to players at all times. Teach players the how to win and lose gracefully.  Be a positive role model to your players. 
  6. All players, coaches and spectators are to behave in a manner that reflects the positive fun associated with the game of baseball. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated including verbal abuse, arguing judgment calls, physical aggression, profanity, and tantrum-like acts.  Any player, coach or spectator will be ejected from a game for this type of behavior and will also be suspended from their team’s next game.  Further sanctions may be warranted depending upon the behavior at the discretion of the league commissioner and Program VP..   
  7. Enforce common rules regarding care of equipment and facilities (home and away) which include the following: 1) take care not to damage the fields, dugouts or fences; 2) players are responsible to clean dugouts from debris such as water bottles, pop bottles, etc. following a game or practice; 3) treat all equipment respectfully;  4) return any EBA equipment in good condition to the coach (who will return to the Equipment Director) immediately following the season; 5) respect park rules of the City of Edina and away facilities. 
  8. Team coaches will carry a first aid kit which is provided by the EBA. If no emergency medical personnel are available, the coach or his/her assistant should follow recommended medical procedures (call 911). However in all medical situations, the parent has the ultimate responsibility. 
  9.  Coaches will not use any tobacco products prior to or during game and practice situations. Coaches will also not use alcoholic beverages prior to and during games and practice situations,
1. Most problems are best solved through discussion. The grievance procedure begins with a discussion with the applicable League Commissioner.  The EBA recommends that such discussions take place away from other players and parents and not immediately before, after the event in question. Please keep all conversation civil and courteous.  When a player or parent has a concern, they should follow the "24 Hour Rule" which urges a party to wait at least 24 hours, if reasonably possible, before approaching a League Commissioner on the matter. The 24-hour waiting period permits passions to subside so that the parties may address issues objectively.
2. If a player or parent believes their question / issue is not addressed by the League Commissioner in a satisfactory manner, the dispute or grievance should be submitted in writing to the League Commissioner. The player or parent should follow the same guidelines for civility and discretion as indicated above.  To pursue the grievance, the Complainant must complete an Edina Baseball Grievance Form and submit via email to the appropriate League Commissioner. If the Commissioner is the subject of the grievance, the written grievance shall be submitted directly to the League Vice-President.
3. As soon as possible, the Commissioner shall inform the Vice-President that a grievance has been received. If the Commissioner is unable to resolve the grievance via a follow-up conversation, the individual must inform the Complaintant that the grievance has been referred to the Vice-President. The Vice-President, at his/her discretion, may bypass this step and directly take charge of the grievance and investigation.
4. The Vice-President may attempt a resolution through discussion with the involved parties or conduct an investigation as necessary. Failing resolution of a major issue, the Vice-President may bring it to the President of the EBA.
5. If the issue remains unresolved, the President would create a committee to hear the grievance. This committee will strive to meet at a mutually convenient time and location with the grievant.  This may be done either in person or by telephone. The grievant shall be limited in this discussion to a parent, or both parents of the player in question. The committee appointed by the President will be of a number of board members as deemed appropriate by the President. None of the committee members would have been involved in the dispute process to that point.
6. The committee along with the League Commissioner will meet with the complainant and hear all relevant information.  They will discuss and decide the issue after the parties involved have been dismissed from the meeting. It may be determined that additional fact finding or investigation is needed. The Vice-President will notify both parties of the Committee’s decision, verbally, within 5 days, and by letter or email within 7 days.
7. Resolutions as determined by the EBA Committee shall be deemed as final response and resolution to the matter.
8. Any decisions including policy changes, tryout practices, tryout results and team formation resides in the sole and absolute discretion of the EBA Board.
X.  Privacy Policy
At Edina Baseball Association (EBA), we are committed to maintaining your right to privacy for all of your personal and financial information. We  understand the importance of keeping your information completely confidential and thus we take it very seriously.
Participant Information
To participate in any of the programs offered by our organization you will need to register. If the participant is under 18, a parent or guardian will need to register them. To register you will need to provide personal information such as name, address, contact information and specific criteria (e.g., age or grade) that is established for each program. You will also be asked to provide payment information such as credit card numbers. Contact information is used for notification purposes (e.g., to confirm program registration or association announcements) or when necessary for customer service. Payment information is used only to bill you for programs, products and services that you specifically request.
Participant Privacy
With respect to maintaining the privacy of our players and their families, it is the policy of the EBA to only publish contact information specific to coaches and other volunteers to facilitate communication.
Requests for Information
No coach, player, parent, official, or other EBA member shall release information regarding member players, teams, officials, coaches, or other EBA members to any person or organization, commercial or otherwise, for any purpose or in any manner not mentioned below, without the approval of the EBA Board of Directors.
Additional Uses
All of the information we collect is used to personalize your account, to customize our services and to allow our association to contact you when necessary. We use personally identifying information you have provided to process a request for a program, product or service or when we provide you with prior notice. We will also disclose personal information about an individual user if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with an applicable law or valid legal process.    Information may be released on an aggregated basis (meaning that the information from many participants is grouped together in a way that does not disclose the personal information of any particular participant).
In addition to the disclosures described above, personal information about our users may be provided occasionally to outside auditors, consultants, and others we hire for routine website operations, to help us manage email communications with our members, or for other standard business activities. We ask all recipients to agree to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of the information.
Inherent in Enrollment in EBA it is understood that in order to participate in certain league play and tournaments, team rosters must be submitted to such organizations. These rosters may include name, address, jersey number, position, date of birth, and signature. EBA cannot control further use and disclosure of such information once it has been released to such organizations.
Linked Websites
Our web site may contain links to partners, advertisers and third party Internet sites and services that may collect data in connection with registrations, promotions, e-commerce, etc. These sites have their own policies regarding privacy and content that are not under our control. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of these sites. Please understand that we have no responsibility for linked websites and provides these links solely for the convenience and information of our visitors. If you click on a website link, we do not send any personal information to that website unless we have advised you about the disclosure. 
Fundraising & Communication
We may use contact information that you provide to send you information about us and promotional material from some of our partners.  EBA will not release contact information to protect the privacy of our participants.


ADULT is defined as those persons in their roles as coach, assistant coach, board member, team manager, or volunteer who works with, for, or around PLAYERS. 

PLAYER is defined as any persons who is a member of or plays on a baseball team.  This definition does include older players even though they may be of legal age.
These guidelines recognize that the lines of authority and separation between adults and players must be recognized and respected.  Generally, players are children and as such deserve special protection.  These guidelines provide that protection while setting levels of acceptable conduct for adults. 

ADULTS must be aware that any physical contact with PLAYERS can be misinterpreted.  Physical contact should be limited to that necessary and appropriate to teach a skill, treat an injury, or console or congratulate a player.  In the instance of teaching a skill, minimal contact should be involved and none which places the ADULT in a position of power and/or intimidation; for example, taking a PLAYER by the shoulders and physically moving them to another field or body position.   Sexual contact of any kind or type is prohibited between ADULTS and PLAYERS, whether or not contact is consensual. 

I.       Social Contact
A.     ADULTS should not socialize or spend time alone with PLAYERS except at games, practices, or team functions.  An ADULT in a one-on-one situation with a PLAYER is generally inappropriate.
1.      ADULTS should avoid instances such as driving alone with a non-family PLAYER.  However, in the event that a PLAYER remains on a field waiting for transportation, the ADULT should wait with the PLAYER on the field to guarantee the PLAYER's safety and well-being.  (ADULTS should stress with their PLAYERS' parents the responsibility for safe and timely transportation to and from the field.)
2.      During out-of-town tournaments, a non-parent/custodian ADULT shall not share any sleeping arrangements with a PLAYER or PLAYERS.
3.      ADULTS should respect the privacy of PLAYERS.  If shower or changing room facilities are available, schedules should be arranged so that ADULTS and PLAYERS have separate use.  If using a changing room, ADULTS should provide privacy for PLAYERS to make necessary preparations before entering for pre/post-game discussions.  In addition, ADULTS should not allow others to enter except by the expressed with of the PLAYERS still present.
II.      Health and Well-Being
A.     ADULTS share the responsibility for the PLAYERS' health while at practices, scrimmages, and games.  ADULTS should have PLAYERS' release forms and medical kits with them at all times.  ADULTS are also responsible for seeing that the field conditions are reasonably safe.  However, all participants must recognize and accept the risks inherent in playing baseball in challenging weather on a variety of fields.
B.  ADULTS shall not use any tobacco products prior to or during game and practice situations. ADULTS will also not use alcoholic beverages prior to and during games and practice situations,
III.   Language
A.     Offensive and vulgar language by ADULTS or PLAYERS is unacceptable.  ADULTS should model good communication skills.
B.     Language that is denigrating in nature, content, or tone, or refers to one's gender, race, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or religion is unacceptable.
C.    Inappropriate language targeting officials, opponents, or spectators may be grounds for PLAYER penalties or removal of ADULTS from the game and/or the premises.
IV.     Violations
A.    Anyone witnessing a violation of these guidelines should report the violation to the President of the EBA.
B.     Appropriate legal authorities will be called upon based on the nature of the violation