The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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Interested in being an umpire?

We are looking for umpires for the 2020 season.  Experienced preferred, but we will train new umpires also.  You must be in at least 9th grade now to begin.  You can make $25 - $60 per game depending on level and experience.  It's a great opportunity to support baseball and make some money at the same time.  Father/son or sibling teams of umpires are welcome and can be scheduled together.

To register with Edina Baseball as an umpire, please CLICK HERE  This will let us know of your interest.  You can access your schedule by going to the Officials Area towards the bottom of the left hand menu.

 In preparation for the season, please plan to attend the following:
  1. Minnesota Legislature's New "Concussion Law" Requires Online Training for All Coaches and Officials and Concussion Education for all Parents and Athletes.  The law mandates that:

    All officials must complete the online video training session developed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Federation of State High Schools. This course requires registration but is free. The training involves watching a video and then completing a quiz. The entire training can be done in about a half hour and then you can print out a certificate.
    Click here to order and view the free course.

    • All coaches (head and assistants) and officials receive concussion training and education by September 1, 2011, and then at three-year intervals thereafter.
    • Coaches must remove an athlete from activity if they exhibit signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion and/or are suspected of sustaining a concussion.
    • The law also requires an appropriate health care professional's signature to return to play if an athlete is removed due to a concussion or is showing signs or symptoms of a concussion.
  1. All umpires with 3 years or less experience must attend the Long Clinic to learn about umpiring.  You may attend any one of the Gopher State training sessions listed below at a cost of $30.  Upon proof of attendance, when you are paid for your first game you will be reimbursed for the $30 plus a $10 bonus, for a total of $40.   

Our clinics are designed to allow umpires of all abilities an opportunity to enhance their skills and/or become educated in the finer points of umpiring.

Attending a Gopher State Umpire Training Clinic will definitely enhance your chance to work more baseball games. Assignors want trained, competent umpires on their staff.


If you are not MSHSL certified, you will be required to take the long version every year. If you are MSHSL certified you only need to take the short clinic.

The long clinic will cover mechanics and rules. The umpires will rotate between stations covering plate mechanics, the one-man umpire system, rules and game management.

The short clinic will cover EBA logistics and get into some of the finer points of umpiring. There will be a question and answer session with an experienced clinician. Mechanics, rules and game management will all be discussed in an advanced format.


EBA/Gopher State Membership Requirement

In order to be an EBA registered official, you must be a registered MYAS member. Your MYAS membership is valid annually from April 1 through December 31 of each year and is applicable to all MYAS baseball competitions. We will have membership forms at each meeting, so you can fill them out on site. Remember - your MYAS membership fee is included in the clinic fee.




Concussion Training

Minnesota's New "Concussion Law" - The Minnesota Legislature's new Concussion Law requires on-line training for all coaches and officials and concussion education for all parents and athletes starting this fall. The Minnesota Legislature recently passed a "Concussion Law" which requires any municipality, business, school district or non-profit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity and charges a fee to follow the statutes requirements, including the implementation of concussion training and education and establishing safe return-to-play policies for athletes who sustain a concussion.

The law mandates that all coaches and officials receive concussion training and education and then at three-year intervals thereafter. Those of you who are Minnesota State High School certified will need to do the on-line video training that is currently on the Minnesota State High School League website in the Officials Corner section. For those of you who are not State High School Certified, we recommend that you go the National Federation of State High School website and complete their concussion education training; you can go to ( This course requires registration but it is FREE!

Both training sessions involve watching a video and then successfully completing a quiz. The training will take less than half an hour and then you can print a certificate of completion. This certificate of completion needs to be shown to the EBA in order to officiate this season.

You must submit a copy of this Concussion Training Certificate of Completion before you will be allowed to officiate for the MYAS this season. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT AN MYAS REQUIREMENT, IT IS A LAW PASSED BY THE MINNESOTA LEGISLATURE.

Code of Conduct Requirement

Any Official that is not MYAS registered is required to sign and return the Code of Conduct Form prior to being paid. Fax to MYAS Baseball Staff at 763-781-1922 or mail it to the MYAS office.

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