The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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Edina 4th-9th Grade (10-15 Year Old)
2019 Travel Baseball

Travel VP - Nick Dzandzara
4th-6th Grade Commissioner -
7th-9th Grade Commissioner - Derek Chrysler



Edina’s traveling baseball is offered by the Edina Baseball Association (EBA) for those players interested in competing at a higher level within their age group. Travel baseball requires a greater commitment in that each participant is expected to attend all practices, games, weekend tournaments and other team activities. Teams will typically have games or practices 4-5 times per week. The season will typically include 30 or more games over the course of the season.

Edina Travel programs, from ages 10–15, will play in the Metro Baseball League (MBL) for regular season games. In most instances, each age group from ages 10-15, will have up to five teams playing in the MBL. Players will be assigned to AAA, AA, A travel teams based on current skill levels, commitment and competitiveness. Each of the teams playing in these classes will have similar experiences with competition that is consistent with their current level of play. 

Full details on rules by age group, bat rules, and scheduling information is available on the MBL website.


Key Dates

The EBA has made every effort to schedule its tryouts to avoid conflicts with the hockey and basketball season/tournaments.  If you have conflicts please contact the appropriate league commissioner.  Key dates for travel baseball are as follows:

  • December 15    Blizzard Ball starts
  • January 1    Travel Registration opens
  • January 29   Travel tryouts begin
  • March 3    Travel tryouts end
  • April 3        Rec Registration closes 
  • April 7        Rec tryouts 
  • April 24      Metro Baseball League play begins
  • May 20      Day Baseball registration closes


Age and Eligibility Rules

Players in their respective age groups must not reach the next age before May 1, 2019. For the 2019 baseball season, the following age classifications apply:

May    June     July      Aug      Sept     Oct      Nov      Dec      Jan       Feb      Mar     April    Age

2008    2008    2008    2008    2008    2008    2008    2008    2009    2009    2009    2009    10

2007    2007    2007    2007    2007    2007    2007    2007    2008    2008    2008    2008    11

2006    2006    2006    2006    2006    2006    2006    2006    2007    2007    2007    2007    12

2005    2005    2005    2005    2005    2005    2005    2005    2006    2006    2006    2006    13

2004    2004    2004    2004    2004    2004    2004    2004    2005    2005    2005    2005    14

2002    2003    2003    2003    2003    2003    2003    2003    2004    2004    2004    2004    15

Players who are young for their grade (i.e., miss the younger age cutoff) may try out with their grade. However, players must choose one tryout group. Players must tryout with their age group or grade. Players cannot be older than the age limits based on league rules.

In addition to age guidelines, players must either live in Edina or go to school in Edina to be eligible for EBA programs.  Registration and full payment of all fees is also required pursuant to EBA policy.  Waivers of such eligibility rules are generally not granted.


Tryouts and Team Selection

Edina Travel Baseball try-outs are mandatory. We require that ALL players attend ALL rounds of try-outs unless an excuse is approved in advance through the Travel League Commissioner and the Travel VP.  Players are assigned to a team based on the skill and performance level as graded by try-out evaluators and reviewed by the Try-out and Team Selection Committee. All decisions by the committee are final, and all team rosters are final once they are posted.

The EBA may need to cut players to obtain the proper roster size and competitive balance. Players who try-out for Travel baseball and are cut will have the opportunity to play in the EBA’s White Division for their age group.

Grading players during try-outs is not a perfect science. Try-out grades are only a reflection of a player’s abilities on that particular day. Players will be selected for Travel teams based upon tryout grades, team composition considerations, previously displayed commitment levels and prior season evaluations. No system is perfect and we always look for ways to improve the process.

Players who have registered for tryouts and cannot participate due to an injury or illness will be excused upon receipt of a doctor's note describing the player's limitations. Players excused due to injury or illness must present a signed doctor's release indicating that the player is medically fit before they will be allowed to participate in EBA activities. Players who miss the scheduled tryout sessions due to illness or injury will be assigned to a team based on knowledge of player’s skills from the previous year of play. The Tryout and Team Selection Committee will determine player placements in these situations, with input from prior season coaches.  An injured player will not be placed on a higher-level team than the prior year if they are unable to participate in tryouts.

It is important to note that there is a non-refundable try-out fee of $50 for all players trying out for Travel baseball. All players that are placed on a Travel team will be assessed $250 in travel team fees. Players that are not placed on Travel teams will be assigned to a Rec League team. 

Please keep in mind that the evaluators are doing their best to evaluate players on their current skills. As parents we may have a tendency to evaluate our own son’s skills at a higher level than may be appropriate. Playing at the wrong level is detrimental to your son’s baseball skill development and the longevity of his baseball interest. Our goal is to have every player have fun and be successful at playing the game of baseball.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect tryout system. The Board continuously evaluates our tryout system with a number of other communities and uses best practices where practical. The Edina Traveling Baseball Tryouts has a history of success and has been a model for other local baseball organizations.

Please accept and support your player’s skills for what they are today and work hard with him/her to improve their skills. Thank you in advance for supporting the tryout process. For more information go to the Tryouts FAQ page. 


Teams and League Structure

Each team will play a regular season schedule in the Metro Baseball League of 16-18 games that will also include an end of season play-off. Additionally, approximately three to four weekend tournaments will be played with one tournament played in Edina, one played in the metro area and one played outside the metro area.

Recognizing that individuals will have different skills and development opportunities, a positive environment will be created to foster a sense of contribution, accomplishment and confidence in all players. Each participant will be treated fairly and know they are an important part of the team. In turn, it is an expectation that Travel baseball players will make the team they are placed on their top sports priority during the season. Equitable playing time is reinforced; however, coaches are afforded latitude to temporarily reduce time for players who exhibit poor conduct or a distinct lack of commitment to the team. Coaches are required to communicate the specific reasons for playing time reductions to the player and parents, and to work with the player to help rectify the situation. Please review the Commitment Policy below for all players participating in Travel baseball.

Edina Travel Baseball places an emphasis is on skill development, teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship and respect for others. While winning is not the primary focus, competing and striving to win are important parts of the program.

For more information go the Tryouts FAQ page. 


Practices will begin in April for ages 10 -14 and beginning in mid-May for 15 year-olds.  The Metro Baseball League begins in late April/early-May for ages 10 -14 and late-May for 15 year-olds, and runs through late-July.  More information on MBL can be found at the Metro Baseball web site. Teams will also play in at least three weekend tournaments. Players should not try-out for Travel baseball unless they are committed to practicing and playing with their team for the entire season. League games and practices will be predominantly on weeknights; however, weekends may be scheduled due to rain-outs or other scheduling issues.

Program Goals

Edina Baseball's goals center on the development of baseball skills, teamwork and sportsmanship in all programs at all age levels.  We seek to develop a baseball program that offers players at differing skill and commitment levels, the opportunity to play, develop and enjoy the great game of baseball. The end result is to both grow the love and appreciation for baseball for all, while developing players at every age level.

Key goals of the EBA’s Travel program are as follows:

  • Provide those interested in playing competitive baseball the opportunity to play and enjoy the game at a level that is consistent with their current skills, competitiveness and commitment
  • Provide skill development opportunities for all participants to improve
  • Seek to maximize the potential of every player in the program
  • Develop players and teams that are able to compete at a top level
  • Provide the opportunity for competitive fun, achievement and excellence - personal and team - at all levels
  • Foster an environment of teamwork and understanding that all team members play an integral part in the success of the team
  • Coach to sportsmanship and high standards in all baseball activities


Commitment Policy

The EBA's commitment policy is intended to give players, parents and coaches a clear understanding of the commitment expectations for players seeking to participate in Edina baseball. Players who participate in the Travel baseball will require a high level of commitment to be successful. Players competing in Travel baseball are acknowledging that during the baseball season, baseball will be a top priority and come first when having to choose between this and other sports or activities if a scheduling conflict arises. This is no different than the commitment asked of players that participate in other sport’s travel programs.

Travel baseball players are expected to attend scheduled team related activities as defined by practices, games and team events.  Examples of acceptable absences include school activities or events, injury, illness, death in family, family events (e.g., weddings, graduations) and faith-based events.

When possible, early communication with coaches on potential schedule conflicts is requested. This will help the teams manage the situation as best as possible. With the AAA, AA, A structure of the Travel program it is more difficult to call up players from other play levels and this will result in sub-optimal experience for the team. If a Travel baseball player misses a scheduled team activity (other than an acceptable or excused absence) a discussion with the coach, player and parents will occur.  If there are repeated unapproved absences the coach can decide to sit the player for part of a game or for a full game based on the circumstances. Repeated ongoing absences will be reviewed with coach, player and EBA Travel Commissioner to determine what further action may be needed.

Coaches may excuse a player’s absence for what is deemed extraordinary circumstances. These circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and should be addressed with the coach/commissioner prior to the absence.


Coach Selection

 Strong coaching is integral to the success of our Green (travel) teams. We are always looking to improve our coach selection process and the caliber of our coaches. For the 2019 season, the selection process will not change for the minors (10, 11 and 12 year old levels). We'll focus on parent coaches for these age groups. For the Majors (13, 14 and 15 year old levels), paid or parent coaches will be considered for the AAA and AA teams and parents for the A teams. If you have a desire to coach and meet the below criteria, please complete the coach application on the registration page of the EBA web site. As always, we'll pick the best  available coach that meets a team's needs, regardless if they are paid or a parent. It is the intent of the EBA to select travel team coaches that are: (1) knowledgeable of the game, (2) good teachers - will help improve and develop all players, (3) objective / fair (able to see the big picture), (4) strong communicators and highly organized, (5) will positively represent Edina and Edina Baseball, (6) committed to follow the EBA’s equitable play guidelines. 

Coaches will be selected based on demonstrating the following attributes:

  • Strong baseball acumen with a demonstrated ability to interact well and motivate players
  • Strong player development skill that utilizes players in different positions, coaches the right techniques and works with the players on improving. Has demonstrated achievement with player development in the past
  • Track record of managing playing time to balance winning and player development
  • Keeps good records and well-organized – player stats collected and shared with players as appropriate
  • Provides player evaluation / feedback during and at end of season
  • Is objective, fair and equitable to all players
  • Track record of safety, health and well-being of players as top priority
  • Commitment - time and energy
  • Coach's interest and ability to manage the "player commitment" requirements
  • Positive past parent reviews
  • Effective and consistent communicator with players, parents, and fellow coaches
  • Strong track record of good sportsmanship
  • Strong ethics, integrity -- makes the right decisions
  • Ability to positively represent community
  • Prior coaching experience

All coaches are expected to attend the MBL season scheduling meeting on April 6 from 8AM-1:30PM at Eastview High School in Apple Valley.

If you have any questions about the travel program, please feel free to contact the Nick Dzandzara at